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Together we can inspire and expand

The WP-Magazines Partner Program helps you market, sell & deliver the results your clients expect from you and helps you set up a steady and recurring business model based on new and current clients.

Generate new business

The WP-Magazines Partner program will provide you with an unique amount of support & training to make sure you can generate new business opportunities using our gained experience and expertise.

Increase your ROI

WP-Magazines Partners are 100% Online Publishing ready. You will increase your publishing efficiency, generate stunning user experiences for your clients and be able to use an all-in-one approach to streamline your sales process.


Build a dependable and recurring business

WP-Magazines Partners are able to offer long-term relationships to their clients. Being able to increase dependable and recurring revenues, WP-Magazines Partners can grow and scale their business.

Your 3 steps to success

Sales Training & Coaching

Build your Sales & Marketing roadmap

You will receive an extensive sales training. Our WP-Magazines sales specialists are available to help you build your Sales & Marketing roadmap

Technical Training & Coaching

Get to know all the tricks in the book

Understand our technical point of view and get to know why choices are made the way they are; it will help you learn others.

Design Training & Coaching

Be a kick-ass digital magazine designer

Our team of dedicated digital magazine designers will teach you every trick in the book and let you build upon their experience.


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